So I’m back now. I was going Cold Turkey off blogs but now I’m getting used to the aching pain in my soul where the daily adventures of Wendy, Stephanie, and Amy usually reside. Naturally there are more, but I can’t name them all and making these links creates temptation that’s so hard. Speaking of the word ‘so’ I said it very Minnesotan today, for those not familiar with the Minnesotan accent it involves holding vowels extra long. But that is not the relevant point, today we had a blizzard. I’m talking a 10 inch accumulation of snow that started last night and ended sometime around 2 today. It was brilliant, except for the part where I had to walk around outside in it when I didn’t want to. But on my way to my later class I brought my camera to capture the snowy beauty.
Image hosting by Photobucket
This is from the window at the end of the hallway on the 4th floor (where I live). This was just the start, I think I took about 20 pics (you only have to look at 10).
So on Friday my friends and I were all bored so we went out and had a mud fight, it was that warm. with the result that at 8 this morning I saw these

quite a change from the Spring-type weather we had on Friday.

At least the Staff at my Hall do a good job of clearing the side walk, but it ended pretty quick and I got to wade through lots of snow; there was also sliding, not fun.

They got to the clearing eventually, but this was about 2 pm after I had floundered around quite a bit in snow. Not to mention that we were one of the only schools in the state to have class today. I could have used it, I had a midterm today at 8, in Greek. Never a pleasant experience.

I love this pic, I think it looks like Hogwarts, which I personally believe this is. Instead of reading comments just linger on this pic and the next few a bit longer, they’re all just really cool.

This was what gave me the idea to bring my camera with me, I saw these branches and I just thought, “I need to take a picture of these before it all melts”. It was a good idea.

The railing outside class, really gorgeous.

And finally at class, safe, sound, wet, but there. The snow was pretty, I hop it stays for a bit, I’m pretty tired from that Midterm and I would still like to play in the snow.
Let’s see, wrapping up, I’m not reading Les Mis anymore, I gave up for now. Seeing the show was really just the end for me, for a but at least. And I got into a really Harry Potter mood so I’m rereading Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. Good times. Tubey is progressing, I’m about 3/4 dome with the sleeves and then I can hopefully rip out the body and wear this bad boy while there’s still a chill in the air. That’s all for now, more when there’s more to talk about!


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