Where’d my week go?

I’m so sorry! This is the longest I’ve ever gone between posts and I do apologize. I’ve been exceedingly tied to a computer doing Publicity work this week, so my leisure time has been spent in less intensive entertainment (like watching Love Actually twice). I love doing publicity but it’s really draining and I’ve just been tired this week. SO playing around with media for the blog has been kinda unappealing recently. But now I’m here and I’ll give myself a good bit of time to work through everything. I have a lot to catch y’all up on, but I’ll have to write a list so I can do it well. Right now I want to get a bit of a jump on the homework I have this weekend, I figure if I do it now, I’ll have more sleep, which is a good greatly to be desired. Seriously nothing interesting happened to me this week so you didn’t miss much. I read nothing until yesterday and knit next to nothing (well ok a most of a sleeve of Tubey, but it was supposed to be my Olympic project so it feels very small). I want to do a big post of two soonish so I’m just popping in to say I’m alive, just boring and busy. I do plan of writing that big post soon, but the week has just slipped by. Gotta go read the Koran now (for Con).


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