I don’t wanna

I don’t wanna write a paper I wanna knit and I wanna watch the Olympics and I wanna dance around like a crazy person!!! I HATE this paper!!!!!!!!

Thanks I needed that. I feel bad that I won’t be finishing up my Olympic effort in time (with the way the last week has been and the way I’m assuming the next week will be I don’t have much knitting time). But I’m having so much fin knitting it (it’s my first Merino) that I don’t care. I just really enjoy the knitting and knowing that soon enough I’ll have a really great sweater that it doesn’t matter. Right now I’m somewhere around five inches on the first sleeve, it’s shaping up really well, or it will be once I get to the shaping (lol, I love puns). OK so I’m a little hyper right now, but I still have half a pot of Tea left so it’s only going to get worse. And while you’re giving me those looks and saying remember what happened before when you drank a whole pot of tea? subtract 3 hours from the start time, so I should totally be able to fall asleep by 1 or 2 which is when I plan to go to sleep. However in order to do that I need to stop talking to all of you and go ac to work on St. Augustine and the Problem of Evil or whatever I end up calling this paper. Oh and I want to make a promise which I intend to keep (although the road to hell is paved with promises like this) I want to get you all caught up on the things I’ve been doing lately so expect a long post or two on Thursday and or Friday so I can tell you all the things I’ve hinted at in the ends of posts like this and the stuff that happened this weekend and all the other things. I guess I’ll just have to ingest some more of this tea, it’s REALLY good and it makes me happy (for those who want to know, it’s one bag of Tazo Passion Tea and one bag of Yorkshire Gold steeped together in my Tea pot for about 20 min, well I kept the Y.G. in longer but the passion gets very bitter if you leave it in too long so I took it out and it’s wonderful, really sweet but strong too. Sounds like a really great guy…)


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