If you were a medium you’d be done by now

Ok not done with the sweater, but done with the straight stockinette. I chose Tubey because I am the queen of circular stockinette. I am the girl who knit 6 Harry Potter Scarves, that’s 42 feet of circular stockinette. So I therefore am both fast and good at circular stockinette. Anyway, I’m just annoyed because I think I’m very behind in my knitting with little to no end in sight. But of course you ant proof, here we go:

Isn’t she shiny? My camera is not the best but hey, it’s better than nothing. If you squint towards the higher numbers you could see that I’ve done about 21 inches of stockinette, approximately the amount needed for a medium sized Tubey. But no, I am for some reason knitting an extra large (probably because I want the thing to fit me)and therefore have 3.5 inches to go. I will start a sleeve tonight if it kills me (which it very well may, I’m running on 4 hours of sleep here). But in other news I am terrifically busy so I’m just keeping the lappy closed at almost all times because it’s the only way I can get any work done (I like to play stupid games on the Internet) Even so I managed to embellish the template a bit more and add my yahoo avatar and a lovely countdown clock for the Knitting Olympics. It’s just from reading all the blogs I do every day (quite a few more than what’s listed over on the sidebar) I pick things up that I want to add to the site and then I add them. But now I must continue to be a good girl and close this darn thing and get to work (I have many various and sundry chapters to read, a scene to memorize, need to work my audition monologue and if I am a really good girl I would start working on my Greek so I don’t stay up till 2 again). So good bye and good luck and get out!*

*quoted from Once Upon a Mattress


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