A Startling Revalation

So I’m allergic to pot. Not that I smoked any (no seriously I didn’t), I was just in a room where it had been smoked recently and I’m telling you I am sick as a dog now. So to anyone who knows my family well it’s not too startling, I know Mom’s allergic too, but man, it does stink because now I can’t go hang out there anymore. Well I can but um… this is a bit too much to pay for the minor enjoyment of friends who I see all the time without them making me sick. This will sadly prevent me from finishing that last 3.5 inches tonight, stupid ilegal drugs…
I know you’re asking me, Erin, why are you telling us this, isn’t it a little personal? Well yes it is, but I can’t go out and say it here, it’s way uncomfortable. However as no one here can ask me where I was and who I was with I can safely state it here. Besides, it’s kind of a cool allergy to have. Imagine going to the doctor
Doctor: Any allergies we should know about?
Me: Yeah sure, Dust, Dust Mites, Pine, and Weed.
Doctor: Ragweed?
Me: No weed, pot, marijuana…
yeah, that’d be pretty cool…*

* note that I do not in any way condone the use of Marijuana or other illegal substances when they are illegal (were they legal or in the cases where they are legal, I say go ahead)


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