Again, Quickly

Not much to say guys,
I’ve been…Not in the mood to blog for the past few days. I actually did try on Thursday, but blogger was being troublesome. No excuses for Friday and most of Saturday, I just didn’t want to blog. I didn’t even get all that much knitting done (I’m already a bad Olympian). Oh well, tonight was great. I saw a show (Pippin) and then went and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (henceforth and forevermore GoF). Which is of course a very important event, as is every time I get to see one of those movies on the big screen. I really love it that School brings in movies to show in the Speech Theater. I had to run to make both shows but it was totally worth it. I’m now going to add to the post-it, upon which I record things I want to blog about, that someday I have to talk about my theory of alonness in the Theater. But right now it’s 1 am and I’m going to mass in the morning (I think). Goodnight.


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