The Downside of a Teapot

So I’m stupid. No, actually I’m not, but I am foolish. I drank an entire pot of tea last night, so when I finally got into bed at a ghastly hour of the night I couldn’t sleep. It was about 3:30 when I last looked at the clock before I got to sleep. So in other words I am going to sleep and soon. I am just about to drop. But I said I would do needles so needles I shall do. I am using three sets for Tubey. This is because Tubey is supposed to be knit with size 8 needles. Size 8 is my absolute favorite, probably because that is what Harry potter Scarves are knit in and I have therefore knit more with size 8 than any other. It is a good size for worsted projects. So of the three sets the only one worth showing you, and those are my Brittany Needles.

I am also using 16 inch circ for the sleeves and a 24 from my Denise set for the body. Now I am about to fall over so good night!


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