A Beautiful Post

apologies and explanation

I’m sorry for being so grumpy the past couple of days, it’s been very difficult what with the move and my dreaded enemy the dementor visiting me (dementor read as depression). It’s been coming off and on after its very extended stay when I was 11-13. I know that thinking about a little kid having serious depression is difficult, but let me tell you, it can and does happen. But here 6 years after I finally got rid of it for the first time I have a very powerful patronus, I can banish it for months at a time but sometimes it sneaks up on you and this time it took a mid-day nap and a long walk outside to help me realize what was going on. So I played around and am in the middle of a big pot of tea and I feel much better. Thanks for putting up with me. When the dementor visits it brings out my worst qualities, well except for the bad spelling and typing skills, I’m afraid they are omnipresent. Anyway onto happier things.

Break in a Nutshell

I bought a number of lovely things over the break, I also as you know learned to spin and spent a good amount of time knitting on Weasley. So here is a picture that represents the best of break
Image hosting by Photobucket
In the picture from left to right are my two skeins of yarn, wool and quite lovely if I do say so myself. There’s about 90 yards here, which should be enough to make a hat, which is what I want. I’m still planning to design an ihat (can’t tell you much as I want to get it into knitty) but this yarn is better suited for a dazzling chunky mess that you wear because you made it as much as you can make anything. I plan to dye both with kool aid when I visit home next weekend, I think that pink would be a good choice, and it should make my hat more attractive. Next to the handspun is the teapot, name pending (I have a lot of things to name right now so I’m waiting until inspiration strikes). It’s from ikea and I love it. it really makes my life better, I like having a whole pot of tea without running the tea kettle over and over again, I can also have a tea party, which makes me happy. Finally, next to the teapot is Weasley, which is all of a row longer than it was yesterday. Wa-hoo (MUCH sarcasm here).

Olympic Prep Day 1

So I begin today the prep for the Olympics. Can you believe it starts this Friday? I can’t. So today we prep the yarn. It is Paton’s Classic Wool in a lovely shade of dark purple, a color that universally looks good on me. The color also bridges my love of the original color for the design (remember it’s Tubey from the fall knitty) which is black and my desire, nay need, for color in my clothing. It’s great. Ok time to stop talking about it here’s pictures. Neither the flash nor the non-flash picture really captures the color, but I’ll play with lighting and try to give you a better picture on swatch day (I think this will be Thursday, in fact it needs to be Thursday). OK enough talk, picture time!

six skiens make a lovely pyramid, this one is the flash picture.

the front view with flash

without flash
and now the best thing about the yarn:

I have SHOES to match it! These are my Fashionista shoes. They aren’t heels so they aren’t really fashionista shoes, but they are pointy so they are therefore fashionista shoes. So I now will have a sweater to match these fabulous shoes, which I LOVE so it’s all going to be amazing.

I need to go study my dead language now (Greek). Tomorrow (if I remember), needles, a book that didn’t last long enough to make the sidebar, and if there’s time something about the classes I’m taking this semester.


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