Groan. I hate moving. I really do. So everytime I move from one location to the other (i.e. from home to school and vice versa) I just feel too lousy to really do much of anything for a while. So when I’m moving for more than a few days (I’ll try and remember to let y’all know) expect a bit of dead air. It’s just me being lazy, but I donlt want this blog to be a chore. I do feel bad if I leave you hanging, because I know my knitting / readng / other stuff is soooo vital to everyone’s lives. Ok, I’m really grouchy, and I don’t feel like sharing so goodbye (slams grabage can shut).
Anyway to tide you over until I feel like writing more than a few lines here are pictures I took of the front of Weasley with my new camera (I’ll talk about it later). They’re not great, I’m not used to the new uy yet.
Image hosting by Photobucket
this one looks terrible but you can get a sort of sense of how big this sweater front is.
Image hosting by Photobucket
thi one is plenty pretty but it cuts stuff off. Like I said I’ll get used to the camera and the pictures will get better.
I’m goign back in my garbage can now.


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