Quick! There’s no time!

I did a stupid thing. I have this Neurosis; every time I go anywhere with my laptop I am convinced that I am going to forget my power cord. I think I forget it every time I come home, and I freak out. Well I’m home…and I forgot my power cord. I have a very short amount of battery life, so watching the DVD I bought at Target today (I am such an addict) took two sections and an hour or so of recharge in the middle. I have about ten minutes left on this battery so I’m just posting to tell y’all I’m alive and very much enjoying my break. I had my final yesterday at 8 am (to repeat that, my final was at 8 AM on SATURDAY) and afterwards Mom and I did our customary stop at the Mall of America; I bought sweaters (including a merino one I am enjoying as we speak) and Ikea (next to the MoA). I bought a teapot with which I am totally in love. There are definitely Tea Parties in my future, especially if I get matching cups and saucers (another trip to Ikea). Today I bought a crochet hook (I’m not learning yet, waiting for the Happy Hooker) and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears. I’ll adjust the sidebar tomorrow when I can use Dad’s at home power cord (we all Have HP laptops so the cords are interchangeable). Full post then, I want to switch to a daytime posting schedule anyway. Everyone who came this way via the Blue Blog, welcome! I am so excited to have you here. Please comment, even if it is to say that I have atrocious grammar and make poor word choices. I’m a student; I’ve heard it all before.


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  1. Laura

    Hi! I’m one of those who wandered over from the blue blog. Looking forward to seeing your Weasley.

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