It Has Begun

Final. I have one on Saturday at 8 am, I am studying now, I just got back from a study group, and we spent 2 hours going through half the course. I need to do tomorrow’s reading now so I can get ready for meeting tomorrow; we’re doing the New Testament. This of course means that I’ve knit a whole half a row on Weasley, and very little reading on Les Mis. I did add tons of new things on the layout though (I like HTML, it’s been a bit of an interest of mine for a while, I know enough to make this here blog look cool and put all kinds of things on the sidebar. I can even change the size of the sidebar, which had to do because the Team USA button is freaking HUGE. I have a lot of Knitting Olympics buttons. I should stop, but I can’t help it, there are new ones every day, and they’re all so amazing! I only added one new Olympic one today, the Team Minnesota one, I have lived here for 8 years, and I should be on Team Minnesota. I also put in Books I’m reading and Audiobook links, I decided that as I’ve listened to like 4 full Broadway shows today, so putting “music I’m listening to” or “on my ipod” like other blogs do would be a bit difficult.
I think I may do Broadway show recording of the Week (I have about 110 different recordings of shows about 104 individual shows in all) I could go for 2 years without even repeating a show, but I may want to do all four recordings of Les Miserables for um…Les Mis month, it would be fun, find or create a Les Mis inspired pattern, review a CD each week and um…sing the songs even more than I do. And then I could do a Gilbert and Sullivan Month, I have 2 Pirates of Penzance and The Gondoliers and The Mikado…I could totally do these in groups, one for a significant even in each month, like a Hugh Jackman retrospective in May for X-men 3, although I don’t currently have any Hugh Jackman recordings… I’ll make it work. Anyway I have a huge Broadway collection, which I adore; it is really fantastic (I have that one too). I’ve spent so much time working my way through new ones; I just did what I have of Secret Garden earlier this week when I read the book.
This is actually something I wanted to talk about. It all started when I discovered Librivox (use the link I made in the sidebar!) This is a wonderful organization that records public domain audiobooks and distributes them for free on the Internet. You can record if you want to or else you can just download and listen. I discovered that people had started doing my favorite public domain books (L. Frank Baum’s Oz series) and in my desperation to download it I discovered Kara. Kara does a children’s book podcast and sounds exactly like a mother reading to her children, her voice is not at all grating (like the woman who recorded Pride and Prejudice, I actually preferred the computer generated audiobook to her). She recently finished reading A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I first read this book when I was…16. I just never was introduced to it, my parent’s weren’t very up on the showing/reading me classics of children’s literature thing. It’s a great book, really great as an anti-depressant. I have watched the movie a million times. So I just rewatched it (I got a double feature with the Alfonzo Cauron Princess and The Secret Garden at Target) and I am really disappointed in it. Perhaps I didn’t realize that the original was British and it makes so much more sense in that context. So the Americanization, while it was well done, was a bit off putting. The Sarah was incredible though, really perfect for the role. Anyway I still don’t like Alfonzo Cauron’s style, it’s not too bad but he makes choices that I wouldn’t make. I would like, if I ever become a film director, to do this one though, it would be great. So I also just read The Secret Garden, on Friday. Yes for the first time. That movies was closer, well it was at least set in England. But Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter movies) played Mrs. Medlock, which was very off putting, and they beefed up her part because she had star power. It was good though. The Secret Garden is what Kara is reading currently, I’m attempting to wait it out so I can enjoy it more cohesively.
So enjoy the new layout, next step is creating other pages on this website, like one for patterns, and if I record anything (like The Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum) and if I create a podcast out of it. Nothing promised though.


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