Just a little bit

Pretty much the motto of today. I did a little bit of homework (caught up on everything I hadn’t read yet in Con), I knit a little bit (I’m at 23 of 26 inches on the back of Weasley), I’m going to read a little bit (I want to Finish Les Miserables before I go see the play…which could be like Saturday or something).
I’m having a pretty bad day but, well as my alarm clock keeps reminding me, “Always look on the bright side of life”. So being Pollyannaish, I cleaned some of my room; it feels nice to have clean floors again. I got my midterm and it looks as if I’ll get a solid B+ in Con for interim (a whole letter grade better than I did last semester). If I totally rock the final, I think I could get an A-, that would be very nice, I aim for A-‘s. I’m really not feeling loquacious tonight, I think it’s because I feel like I’ve written a novel on this blog today because of the time I spent working on the format. Speaking of the format, what do ya’ll think? I’m becoming rather pleased with myself.
Oh! I just remembered something cool did happen today. I decided that I didn’t like the way I got to the ending last time, it just was a total cop out. I realized that for what I was describing as a swords and sorcery novel I didn’t have a very exciting, magical or swordsy ending. So I decided to scrap the old ending (I’m going to do a project with the old ending, so I’ll explain it later when I have time to work on it). Then I realized that part of what I didn’t like was that my decision for the final romantic pairing (which I’m not quite sure is going to be the final pairing, wait, I’ll explain), because he disappeared for like half the novel and then was like ‘I’ll overcome the fact that I was originally written as a teacher figure, I love you’. So I need to develop him more if I want to have the love hexagon (or if you Romanize it the sexagon). But then I realized something even worse, I think I may be choosing this one guy because he’s the only male member of the hexagon (sexagon) that I’ve written so far. I mean what about the hero who’s practically immortal and is conveniently brought in by the old wizard character, or the lovely well adjusted young man who is stable and safe and who I just found out actually loves her (what, this is as much of a reading experience to me as it is to you). Then there’s the amazingly handsome wizard who is the fulfillment of her every childhood dream (he’s really, really, really yummy), and don’t forget the feral male counterpart (yes I am using feral correctly, he’s cool, that’s all). And then there’s this guy who I’ve already written and he’s such a tragic figure, I would be all over him, but I’m not sure if I’d want him if I had these choices, well I’ll decide once I’ve written a few more of them.
I’m pretty tired and now after listening to like 2 hours of Les Mis I am totally ready to go read the book for a bit.


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