Camera Down!

I am actually not sure whether it was jus the batteries dying or something more dire but my camera is currently not working. This means I’ll be posting some canned or old images to tide me over, because I really like posting with pictures. This also means that you cannot see my rapidly growing sweater (last measured at 23 of 26 inches on the back) It is a pity and as I am going to Target today I’ll hopefully be able to remedy it, hopefully. Expect that if I get a camera it’ll be a .5 mega pixel piece of junk to get me through till summer when I can buy a really good one. Anyway I have been knitting to the point where I needed to do a bit of yoga several times a day to keep myself going. Aiding and in many ways hindering this process is 24.

Image hosting by Photobucket

for the uninitiated 24 is a television show. The main gimmick is that everything happens in real time, so if you go to commercials you’ll be losing four minutes of time. The problem is that in the last few days I’ve watched about 17 episodes of 24 (only 11 hours and 20 min). I really love this show. I mean, I’ve barely missed an episode since I started watching in 2003 (in the middle of season 2). Now season five started last Sunday and I am just a bit cheesed about not being able to watch it, so I started watching one of my Christmas presents
Image hosting by Photobucket
the one on the left is 24 season 2, and much of it was a new experience to me. Anyway I am really obsessed and it was just what I needed to break up this last (very stressful) week.
I know you may be thinking, “What has this girl got to be stressed about?” Well the week started with my midterm paper, I had such a hard time with this one, really it just would not write for me. One of those times when I had to write for hours and hours and barely made any progress. I have another paper this weekend but it is less than half the size and I think I know what the prof. is looking for. Besides papers things were just happening and happening and I am now very glad that it is Saturday. I need to work a bit on my paper but other than that it’s bum around on the internet, listen to music loudly because my roommate is gone for the day and just enjoy a moment of peaceful life. I’ll be very glad this time next week because if I’m not home yet I’ll be shopping with Mom at the Mall of America. I’ll talk more about those plans later though, when I’m studying for the final and I need the escape. Now it’s back to the paper.


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